Common Task &
Roundtable Assessment


Students in years 7 - 9 are involved in a Common Task and Roundtable Assessment at each year level.


  • Year 7
    Students study Civics and Citizenship and will be undertaking a trip to Canberra in Term 4 2009. The Roundtable Assessment will centre around this trip and the learning of the Civics and Citizenship unit.

  • Year 8
    The Real Game is a year 8 curriculum unit which introduces the realities of the adult world of work and life in a non-threatening way. In the Real Game students assume adult roles and make adult decisions in adult settings via simulation games and activities.They must Choose careers, housing and transportation arrangements, balance work and leisure time, manage time and money, make educational and training plans and dealing with ethical and moral dilemmas.
    At the end of the unit students present their learning at a Roundtable Conference.

  • Year 9
    ‘Sustainable Futures’ is the central theme of the Year 9 Common Task. Examples of some work students undertake is to design and create a ‘Sustainable Home’ in SOSE, design and built a whirly-gig to demonstrate an alternative source of power in Design and Technology, and to view movies with an environmental message in English. A Roundtable Assessment of this task takes place in Term 2.